Moez Khorchani



I am an IT enthousiast, I like learning new technologies, and studiying how it can be used as a leverage to progress in business and science.
I am a professional Rust developer, I was doing full stack Java/angular for 8 years, I try to be a good application architect, I'll always dig for the best ideas for each problem (I like hard problems), keeping business needs in the front of the IT design and decision process.
I keep a good eye on what is going on around my field.
I am also a Gamer, I like playing competitive online games.

Full stack [RUST|JAVA] Senior Developer - Solution Architect

I love technology, it is so deep and vast that one can continually learn new things, everyday.

I learnt and practiced IT security for years (forensics, web security, owasp ...).
I have a clear understanding of how Machine/Deep Learning learning works, used it in some side projects.


Years of professional experience

Projects built

Happy Employers/Clients


I like working on problems not technologies, my initial expertise is on the Java entreprise ecosystem, I am actually learning Rust and working with it in my job, I am open to any interesting technologies.

Java-Spring suite-Jpa 90%
Rust 60%
React 70%
Angular 70%
SQL 80%
It security 60%
CI/CD 70%
Docker 80%

Some functional skills

Insurance 90%
Payment systems 70%
Finance, Index pricing 50%

Some skills from my side projects

ML: scikit-learn, keras, RNNs, Convolution... 30%
python 90%


I am very focused on performance and software quality. I thinks nowadays we abuse two things :
The huge computing and memory capacity that became affordable, to create non performant programs (we don't need optimized programs since we have good machines).
The agile process, to deliver bad quality applications (we don't need to fully test features because we want to deliver fast and re-iterate to fix returning bugs)


Moez Khorchani

Performance and quality driven software engineer with 8+ years of experience designing and developing business-centered web applications, including ones from initial concept to final clients deployment.

  • Ile de France
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Software Engineering Diploma

2009 - 2014

National Institute of Applied Science and Technologies, Tunis, Tunisia

Specialized in Business Intelligence

Bachelor in Mathematics


Tataouine, Tunisia

Ranked Top 10 national

Professional Experience

Software Architect | Rust | Payment systems | international team

2022 - Present

Prima It, Remote, UK

  • Designing a new payment application that would scale for the international expansion of the company
  • Working with differents teams to assess the needs and rework old payment workflows to be centralized by only one application across multiple countries
  • Decouple the payment workflow from the (unique) payment provider and using Tokenizers with multiple providers for each country

Technical stack : Rust 1.63, Actix web & tokio async, graphQL, rabbitMq & Kafka, postgres, SQL, Elixir, Docker, Drone-Ci & Github

Architecture : Microservices, CQRs, Event messaging through rabbitMq then kafka, Domain Driven Development

Tech Lead/Senior Developer Full stack Java/Angular

2018 - 2022

Prima Solutions, Levallois Perret, Paris

  • Solution Architect : Intervene on hotspots to help teams solving urgent and complex problems
  • Developer within the Policy Team : Desiging and Implementing an internal REST API java-Framework to to be used by integrators
  • Desiging and building from scratch Pilot, web application that orchestrate tasks between the Prima solution ecosystem.

Technical stack : Java 8-11-17, Spring core, web, boot, data-jpa, hibernate & SQL, Angular 9, docker. Jenkins & Gitlab

Java consultant

2015 - 2018

BNP Parisbas, Paris, France

  • Worked on Cinergy, java application that handles the lifecycle of BNP's custom indexes
  • Managed to work in parallel on another project, handling limited time tasks while under pressure
  • 3rd level support, worked with functionals to unblock mainstream situations.
  • I've been a part of a high skilled and experienced team.

Technical stack : Java 8, Spring core, web, hibernate & SQL, javascript/jQuery. Guerrit


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